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Crohn's is torture for over 5 million, and for every doctor who treats them.

I'm Mike Hohlweg (not a doctor), will you invest a few minutes to learn how thousands have reduced or ended symptoms of Crohn's using "Catalyst Food Avoidance?" 

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What are the 4 Most Common Treatment Options for Crohn’s Sufferers?
You already know They Don’t Fix the Problem

If you have tried these, you know that they are short lived treatments and do not offer long term relief from Crohn’s.

1. Undergo a colonoscopy, barium enema, X-rays, or scans.
2. Take over-the-counter pain and acid blocking drugs. 
3. High fiber diet, low fiber diet, or a bland diet. 
4. Mayo Clinic Diet: Use the most recommended diet in the world for digestive disorder sufferers, which has never cured one patient. Read it from the Mayo Clinic’s own “mouth”: Ask yourself why you submit to diets, procedures, and treatments that you and your doctor know… won’t work? 
Let me summarize this ridiculousness for you: Nearly everyone with Crohn’s is trying remedies, medicines and diets that have never worked for anyone!
Why do Crohn’s patients keep doing the things that we are already certain don’t work?
What Your Doctors Are Taught !

If you read one or all of these articles you will see that according to doctors, and medical universities, you will suffer with Crohn’s for life. In fact the best you can hope for is periods of rest or remission between bouts. I have proven to my satisfaction that this may not be the case. I believe we can do better than wait patiently between attacks and to fear straying from our toilets.

What Causes Crohn’s?
Don’t Skip this Section!

Medical universities don’t know the cause of Crohn’s (see above medical links). Doctors who are trained at those same universities say, “There is no known cure.” Doctors do everything they can by prescribing medications, procedures, and in some extreme cases, surgeries. Doctors do not recommend these options lightly, and for some people, these treatments do improve their symptoms for a time.

There are two main things I don’t like about these or any drugs. First, they don’t heal or cure which makes them only a treatment. Second, the potential side effects of using powerful drugs like these can, in some cases, make things worse. Read one or both of these medical articles.

The first is by Dr. Mercola, a digestive disorder specialist:

This second article is a forum of digestive disorder patients taking several antibiotics. If you want to see what side effects you might experience taking certain antibiotics… and you don’t scare easily, read a bit here:

My name is Michael Hohlweg. I have no medical training, but I believe I have discovered the cause of Crohns!

What Has Everyone Missed?

Only a few items ever enter your stomach...

  • The food and drinks we consume
  • Medications we take
  • The saliva, acid, bile and enzymes our body produces to digest our food and drink

Yes that list includes everything, but the most interesting part of this story is that only one of the things on the list is so irritating to tissue that it could reasonably cause the stripping of the mucosal lining and inflammation and corrosion of the colon wall.
See if you can spot it. That’s right… hydrochloric acid. Now this raises another question: Isn’t the body, including the digestive, tract designed to tolerate acid? The answer is a loud and definite “YES.”

So what’s the problem? Enzyme and bile digestion are the preferable methods of digestion in my opinion and they are not damaging to delicate tissues like the esophagus, throat, intestinal cilia and mucosal lining.

Yes, the digestive tract is designed to tolerate acid periodically but in the Western cultures we eat so many catalyst meals and trigger foods daily that instead of enzymes digesting most of our food most of the time as it should be, we digest virtually every meal 3 times per day 365 days per year with hydrochloric acid.

This, in my opinion is the problem. Acid is not bad but acid digestion over 1000 times per year seems to exact a terrible price on the digestive tract. People with colitis may simply be those who are more sensitive to acid digestion or more prone to the effects catalyst food combinations cause.

Using 5 years of research and later hundreds of client specific experiences and testimonials I realized that almost everyone with a digestive disorder suffered from over production of stomach acid (I say almost because some such as GERD patients may actually suffer from low acid production.See article below).

Two digestive disorders are even named according to their acidic villian: heartburn and acid reflux. I believe this is the root cause of all the main digestive disorders such as Crohn’s, diverticulitis, colitis, GERD, celiac, IBD, IBS, heartburn and acid reflux.

By the way, a further evidence of the correctness of my theory is that the one medication recommended for all of the above and virtually every digestive disorder is what? Antacid of course.

Acid is bloating us, ulcerating us, bubbling up our throat, burning our stomach and inflaming our intestines and colon and yet everyone misses that it might be the cause of all these varied symptoms and issues.

The good news is that reducing acid flow might be as easy as eliminating a few foods and food combinations from our diet.

Here are two medical websites showing some confirmation of this part of my theory:

How Can We Know If Mike’s Theory is Correct?

With a Crohn’s treatment diet idea, and no funding or backing, I had no choice but to do a catalyst food avoidance test on myself. There was enough symptom relief in about ten days that I believed I was on to something. In my family and circle of friends, there were two others with digestive disorders.
One of these friends had full-blown colitis and the other had diverticulitis like symptoms and had already undergone removal of his gall bladder. Less than a year after his surgery his symptoms were not only back but he said they were worse than before the surgery. They followed my catalyst food avoidance-Crohn’s diet and in less than a month, both told me they hadn’t experienced any of their digestive disorder symptoms. Now I felt like I was “three for three.” This was exciting but not exactly proof or a “clinical trial” so I needed more “guinea pigs.” My friend with the “missing” gall bladder is a website/computer guy. He helped me recruit 25 people directly from a website to try the diet with free supervision and coaching from me. The experiment went about 8 weeks and although this was an early version of my program the results were very good.
One person dropped out saying it was too hard to change his diet. One lady reported no improvement at all. 23 people said their symptom improvement was “dramatic” (the highest rating offered). Now I was getting excited.

Which 7 places with only 15% of the world’s population have nearly 90% of the Crohn’s patients? Here they are: If you have Crohn’s disease, you are probably from one of the locations below:

What Do These 7 Hot Spots Have in Common?

  • Crohn’s, Diverticulitis, and Colitis have become an epidemic in the last 60 to 80 years. Before that, they basically were unknown or did not exist.
  • There are about 195 countries on this planet. Nearly all of the Crohn’s, colitis, and diverticulitis deaths (gastroenteritis mortality rate) come from fewer than 20 of these countries and over 80% of them come from only 7 modern “Westernized diet” countries. These countries are: (UK, USA, CAN, AU, DE, NZ and SA).
  • Billions of people in the less developed countries with less “modern style” diets have little or no digestive disorders (gastroenteritis) of which, Crohn’s is a member. These digestive disorder “free” countries include Asia and Africa. (see above link)

Doctors Are Not Your Only Option!

As we proved earlier from the medical websites, doctors are taught that the cause of Crohn’s is a mystery. Would you hire a professional in any other field who told you he/she didn’t know the solution to your problem? If your mechanic told you he/she did not know how to fix your car…would you hire them and “hope for the best?”

  Will this plan be hard to follow?  

Pardon me while I switch from enthusiastic researcher and author, to a no-hype father and husband (my wife and daughter are my partners). Although the program is straightforward, changing your eating style is difficult. Yes, there are some who sell capsules, ebooks or Crohn’s diets, claiming “cures without effort”. That is not us, this is a real Crohn’s diet and you will have to change some things. You will still be able to eat 95% of the foods you are used to, but you will have to exercise restraint and avoid the trigger foods and catalyst food combinations in your chart. Rules are hard to follow but let me ask you this: Is it easy going through your current pain and attacks?

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  • 5-Minute Quick Start Guide” eliminate the catalyst foods and trigger foods with your very next bite. Go straight to page 21 in "Crohn's Pain Free Foods" and you start right then.
  • Eat Almost Any Food You Want, just don’t eat two catalyst foods in a meal and never eat any trigger food. You will not be deprived or go hungry. You can even eat meat in moderation and drink coffee and tea. There are 7 foods that you should not eat (and almost everyone with Crohn’s eats them daily). We tell you what they are and which substitutes are perfectly acceptable.
  • “Eat Out Guide.” This is a chart in the book and all customers get a laminated pocket size version too. Carry it with you religiously to safely eat at friends or restaurants.
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50 Things Book

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

*Disclaimer: These testimonials were chosen for their positive outcome and may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.*

*Disclaimer Naps are good. Your body is healing. I am finally starting to feel normal energy again after about 6 months on the diet. Still need shorter naps. I have been able to stay away from meds because of the diet. I don't imagine meds help. I am so thankful for this diet.



*Disclaimer Thank you for reminding me of how wonderful you and Michael are! Last year at this time I developed a severe case of Diverticulitis, after getting no relief from my Dr. I stumbled across your program and within a few days I knew you were the real deal! My Diverticulitis cleared  within a few weeks after starting the program. Recently, because of the holidays and all the food temptations, I've experienced a minor flare up. Around the same time I began receiving your latest update emails to the program and started the 4 day no meat treatment for which I'm just finishing up tonight. My symptoms have diminished and I feel better again; thank you again for that! I think it was the peanuts that caused the flare up or maybe it was the cookies but regardless thanks to you when a flare up does occur I know how to battle it. I have downloaded your new book but haven't read through it yet, I'm sure it will be very informative as well as easy reading as in your first edition.



*Disclaimer It is so true that we are all wired differently . I hope you have continued success ! Please let us know how you are in the future. My sincere blessings ! As for now I'm healed without surgery. No more flare ups. And I don't mind eating starch alone without meat. I will share this recipe that I'm getting addicted to. Bake butternut squash or buy it cubed. Add chicken broth (qt) add hot ..madras curry to taste. Blend and drink hot, so far everyone loves it if you like spicy hot. Sooooooo good. I've also started taking enzymes before my meals. Especially if I have meat. As I'm living without a gallbladder it helps digest the fats. I only post what works for me. I was too sick to even get a colonoscopy prior to the surgery. But that's in the past. Slippery Elm before meals is still a must. My opinion is that even after surgery you must continue your proper food combinations forever. You still have more feet of colon to go back to the same disease. I hope I'm wrong for your sake. Please continue to let us know how your doing. It would benefit the entire group. So thanks, kootos to you. Be well,and be happy!! 



*Disclaimer  That is great. My health has also improved tremendously, dropped 6kg but now put on 2. Hope I stay there. All is good in my world and follow the diet. What I have added to my daily diet due to the suggestion of a nutritionist is gelatin and bone broth. Can't do any harm, all good nutrients. 



*Disclaimer I too have told my doc and he's amazed. One year ago he recommended surgery. I said no and found this website. Have been faithful ever since. Thank you, Rachel and your family for the many hours you take to respond to everyone! This group is so great! I belong to another dd group and they are in an out of the hospital with surgeries and everything. I've tried to tell them about Pain Free so hopefully some have heard. Again, thank you Rachel! 



*Disclaimer My daughter has not had a flare up since she has been out of the hospital and on this diet.  She has had some "very slight" pain but no bloating or diarrhea.  We have referred 3 friends to your website and to your program.   Thank you so much!



*Disclaimer I seem to be getting the hang of this whole thing and feeling better. Thanks again for all of your extra help, the book was great but you being there every step of the way during those first few days was crucial. Best 99 bucks I ever spent. Have a great weekend



*Disclaimer Hi Michael, It’s Shauna Young here. I have been following your diet for the past 2 weeks and have experienced amazing results. I noticed a difference from day 2 which I did not expect. However I lost 5 kilos. I stared out weighing 47 kilos and this is the perfect BMI for me at 5 feet 0 ins.  I now  weigh 42 kilos which is ok so long as I can maintain this weight. I have never had a weight problem or dieted before. Do you think I need to worry about this??? Thank you so much for this diet. It has truly changed my life and I will st...



*Disclaimer: These testimonials were chosen for their positive outcome and may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.*

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